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C2880 Conveyor Belt Weighing Scale

C2880 Conveyor Belt Weighing Scale

Tracking for every product, and the entire plant with the C2880 conveyor belt weighing scales

Increase the profitability of your operations and monitor quarry performance, productivity and stockpile inventory with Loadrite fixed plant conveyor belt scales. By understanding when and where production falls short of targets, you can quickly isolate the source of the problem and make improvements during the shift that increase productivity


Get actionable insights from performance and productivity on fixed plants.

Feature-Rich Technology

  • Accurate production measurement with state-of-the art data communication capabilities and superior information management solutions.

  • Gain actionable insights with access to your data from your smart device anywhere, anytime with InsightHQ.

  • Increase productivity by identifying unused capacity to improve asset utilization.

  • Customized for the unique requirements of mobile machines to maintain the highest accuracy (± 1% margin of error).

  • Suitable for a wide range of applications, mobile crushers, screeners, stackers and more. With a rugged design for proven reliability, durability and accuracy in the most challenging  applications.

Loadrite Communications Interface (LCI)

The LCI provides real-time plant production data at a glance to optimize performance, report production, and capture downtime events. Identify trends and resolve issues by tracking the effectiveness of operational changes.

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Analytics & Reporting

Connecting your scale to InsightHQ brings all your productivity information into one easy-to-use dashboard, enabling your team to see progress against targets. You can collect productivity data from your belts, loaders, excavators, haul trucks and more into one location and access it from your desktop or smart device anywhere, anytime.

Accurate Production Measurement

Accurate to within ±1% margin of error using a single idler (subject to mechanical, installation and calibration conditions). Up to four conveyor weighing (physical and/or virtual) per integrator.

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Gain some valuable Insights
Our Insight platform has it all, right in your hand.

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