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Aggregates Scales

Loadrite Aggregate Scales.
Is your quarry "connected" yet?

Recognizing the crucial role of Aggregate Scales in the aggregates industry, Loadrite has established itself as a global leader in offering productivity solutions and wheel loader scales for over 30 years. Their expanded product range is essential for companies within the industry, as it enables you to effectively monitor and enhance the production and efficiency of you operations, from the initial extraction in the pit right up to the point where trucks are loaded and ready to leave the premises.


Our expertise in weighing, along with our time and experience in the industry gives us an excellent understanding of what is really important to aggregates and mining customers.

Loadrite conveyor scales, wheel loader scales and MMS productivity Software, are installed and serviced by the same local factory trained distributors. Your same local contact will service all Loadrite products and you can expect the same level of service and support that have made us the #1 provider of productivity solutions to aggregates and mining customers all over the world since 1979.

Loadrite systems can be installed on almost all types of conveyor

belts, mobile crushers, excavators, and wheel loaders.


Superior Results


We've got the perfect solution for you.

Loadrite connects the workflow of aggregates from the pit to the final constructed product and multiple work processes within each phase. All of these products support your industry to get the jobs done right!

Suggested Products

InsightHQ iPhone


InsightHQ is an operations management portal for your web browser or mobile device.


L3180 SmartScale

The new L3180 SmartScale for loaders adjusts for rough terrain, technique, and movement so new and skilled operators can load with greater accuracy, precision and speed.


C2880 Belt Scale

Increase the profitability of your operations and monitor quarry performance, productivity and stockpile inventory with Loadrite mobile conveyor belt scales.


Loadrite Smarthaul

Track productivity and progress of load/haul operations to ensure you are on target to achieve your goals.


Loadrite 360

Loadrite 360 is a connected quarry solution that can improves loadout operation through performance metric tracking, job data automation, and real-time 360º job visibility.


L2180 Loader Scale

The Loadrite L2180 is more than just an onboard scale. It provides an easy way to capture information on your loading process right where it takes place - on the loader.


C2850 Belt Scale

Increase the profitability of your mobile operations through performance monitoring, productivity tracking and stockpile inventory with Loadrite mobile conveyor belt scales. 


H2250 Haul Monitor

The H2250 provides near real-time reporting of haul truck production and process monitoring, driving increased production and limiting costs.


Industry News

"A holistic view of network connected quarry improvements"

Today’s aggregates executives have much to keep them up at night. Like most business leaders, the pressure to maximise returns while decreasing overheads is constant.

This powerful article sheds some valuable insights into managing your quarry most efficiently. It covers such topics as:

  • Measuring Outcomes

  • Automated Data Capture

  • Data Usage

  • Real-Time Data

  • Small Quarry, Big Goals

  • Thinking Outside the Box

  • Going Digital


Enjoy full article from Quarry Magazine

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