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Waste & Recycling Scales

It's not just waste, it's money. Save money with our recycling and waste scales

In the waste industry, business profitability is driven by minimizing operating expenses and maximizing resource efficiency. Safety and industry compliance are also critical elements. Loadrite can help you ensure that your waste collection and disposal processes are optimized for success.

Are you using your incoming ground scale to weigh outgoing trucks? Loadrite wheel loader scales or excavator scales eliminates the need for outgoing transfer trucks to tie up your incoming truck scale. Using the wheel loader scale or excavator scales to load the truck will ensure your truck is optimally loaded during loading.

In 1979, the very first Loadrite wheel loader scale was developed to optimize loading trucks at a waste transfer station.

  • Loadrite wheel loader scales are used in many waste facilities to maximize truckloads, incinerators to track tons processed, and landfills to track tons brought to the site. Accurate within 1%, Loadrite wheel loader scales provide accurate tracking and reporting when paired with productivity reporting software.

  • Conveyor belt scales from Loadrite can accurately track the flow of material in recycling and waste sorting facilities. With a range of options to track different weights and belt speeds, Loadrite conveyor belt scales give you accurate, reliable data to manage your facility.

  • Garbage truck scales offer the same durability and longevity of all Loadrite systems. Easy to use, the advanced reporting gives insight on truck loads, weight per bin, ton per customer and more.

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Maximize every load


We've got the perfect solution for you.

Loadrite solutions helps optimize your business. Loadrite garbage truck scales allow you to track the weight of every bin, giving you the data to bring your business to new heights. All of this while maximizing every truckload. Paired with Loadrite reporting software you can track the tons of waste produced by customer, allowing you to accurately estimate the cost per customer.

Suggested Products

E2750 Front Lift Scale

E2750 Front Lift Scale

The Loadrite E2750 weighing system offers accurate and reliable weighing of every dumpster/bin emptied with a front-loading truck.

E2750 Hook Lift Scale

E2750 Hook Lift Scale

Loadrite weighing systems helps you know payload weight at pick-up, don't wait until you arrive at the landfill or truck scale.

E2750 Rear Lift Scale

E2750 Rear Lift Scale

The Loadrite E2750 weighing system offers accurate and reliable weighing of every bin emptied with a rear lift refuse truck.

Loadrite Insight

Integrate scales with fleet haul reporting to make more informed business decisions.

Loadrite Insight
L2180 Loader Scale

L2180 Loader Scale

The Loadrite L2180 is more than just an onboard scale. It provides an easy way to capture information on your loading process right where it takes place - on the loader.

L3180 SmartScale

L3180 SmartScale

The new L3180 SmartScale for loaders adjusts for rough terrain, technique, and movement so new and skilled operators can load with greater accuracy, precision and speed.


Recycling News

Waste management converges with technology to solve challenges.

With the increasing population worldwide, waste generation is multiplying uncontrollably. Municipalities find it challenging to manage such wastes for further separation, recycling, transformation and more. 

Observing the facts and figures, we found that by 2050, municipal solid waste generation globally will increase roughly by 70% and reach 3.4 billion metric tons. Varied factors are accountable for this constant rise, like urbanization, population growth, economic growth and consumer shopping habits.

Enjoy this quick, informative read!

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