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H2250 Haul Truck Monitor

The H2250 Haul Truck Monitor represents a significant leap forward in enhancing the efficiency and productivity of hauling operations in mining and construction industries. This state-of-the-art system provides real-time data to operators, allowing for precise tracking of load weights

H2250 Haul Truck Monitor
Haul Truck Chart

Automated haul truck productivity data.

The Loadrite H2250 provides near real-time reporting of haul truck production and process monitoring, driving increased production and limiting costs. Equip operators with powerful tools to optimize every load, and fleet managers with real- time data so they can respond quickly and with deeper insight.

Large Haul truck

Higher production while lowering costs.


  • Near real-time visibility of haul operations.

  • Accurate and detailed automatic data collection, not reliant on operators.

  • Mixed-fleet support to centralize production data in one location.

  • Reporting suite to analyze the data, find inefficiencies, under-utilization, and bottlenecks, and improve processes.

  • Improve haul safety with driver alerts and reporting.

Reduce waste from:

  • Under and over-loading

  • Truck queuing (line-ups)

  • Slow or inconsistent cycle times 

  • Excessive tire wear


Empower Operators

The real-time data and analytics tools are often mounted on screens in staff break rooms or the office to provide clear feedback tools to help them maximize the utilization of the haul fleet and implement cost-saving process improvements.

Large Truck

Make Informed Decisions

Managers and operators are able to lower transport costs by optimizing payload, reducing cycle times and idle time, and supporting safe operation of haul trucks.

Truck in Mine

Productivity Reporting

Replacing tally sheets and production estimates with an H2250 provides accurate production figures, but because the system creates accurate graphs that are easy to understand, it is easier to share these with staff to build awareness. 

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Feedback from initial customers using the H2250 show a dramatic decrease in speeding events, with one quarry seeing speeding events drop to near zero after only a few weeks. 

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