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L2180 Reach Stacker Scales

L2180 Reach Stacker Scales

L2180 Reach Stacker Scales and weighing system.
Increase efficiency, traceability, and safety.

The Loadrite reach stacker L2180 weighing system verify the weights of every container moved, so you can provide accurate information for logistics compliance and reporting. The weight information can also be used to analyze your operation for efficiency improvement and maintenance cost reduction. The L2180 Reach Stacker Scales and weighing system is robust, easy to use and mounts into your reach stacker cab. With accuracy typically within +/- 1%, the system provides essential information to improve your operations.

Containers being loaded

Better profits are within reach.

Real Benefits:

  • Increase process efficiency

  • Adds flexibility for container weight verification.

  • Eliminate unnecessary trips to the weighbridge.

  • Printer ticket or paperless web-based (optional) record tracking enables clear auditing.

  • Increase traceability

  • Record container Id and operator Id using optional data communication and reporting.

  • Improve work safety

  • Warn operator of overload hazards.

  • Reduce accelerated wear and tear to your reach stacker.

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Connecting your scale to InsighthQ brings all your container information into one easy-to- use reporting platform. Transaction records and reports can be accessed from your desktop or smart device anywhere, anytime.

LP950 / LP930  In-Cab Printer

LP950 / LP930

In-Cab Printer

Get a hard copy record and customer receipt printed directly from the loader.

Container being loaded

Superior Weighing Technology

Loadrite reach stacker systems provide repeatable accuracy on reach stacker machines, removing the need to interrupt workflow. The L2180 will even compensate for variances caused by inexperienced operators or weighing on rough ground to achieve +/-1% margin of error.

Container lifter

Real-Time Data Logging

Not only will your reach stacker scale align to your existing workflow, but is capable of integrating with a selection of terminal enterprise system. Ask your dealer to explain options available.

container being loaded

Overload Warning

Promote safe loading in your operations by equipping your reach stacker operators with an overload warning included with the in-cab indicator system.

person on a laptop

Data Field Captures

The L2180 allows container weights to be logged with other custom data including container ID, driver ID, date/time etc and then reported using either InsightHQ (web based) or MMS (for PC) reporting platforms.

Legal for Trade Logo

Legal for Trade certification saves money and facilitates easy invoicing by effectively transforming the loader into a mobile weighbridge, especially valuable for mobile or remote sites. It can also enable trucks to bypass the weighbridge for lower-cost operations and faster truck turnaround. Available in the EU, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

InsightHQ iPhone

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Our Insight platform has it all, right in your hand.

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