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Ports & Rail Scales

Promote safety and save money using our
port & rail scales

The accuracy you can expect from a Loadrite system is demonstrated by Legal for Trade approval in many countries around the world. The same accuracy ensures the safe loading of rail cars, trucks, and container ships.

Loading Bulk Materials

Loadrite keeps the road and rail safe by helping operators to load rail cars and trucks correctly. Eliminating overloading not only keeps the roads and rails safe but also avoids overloading fines.

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Loading Containers

Loadrite verifies the weights of every container moved, ensuring SOLAS regulations compilance and safe sailing.

Stack of Containers

Moving mass loads safely.


By land, sea or air, Loadrite gets it there.

With so many other obstacles to profitability today, is't it nice knowing you have a partner in Loadrite to insure every load is correctly measured to optimize your time and profits? Connect with our distributors today.

Suggested Products

L3180 SmartScale

L3180 SmartScale

The new L3180 SmartScale for loaders adjusts for rough terrain, technique, and movement so new and skilled operators can load with greater accuracy, precision and speed.

L2180 Loader Scale

L2180 Loader Scale

The Loadrite L2180 is more than just an onboard scale. It provides an easy way to capture information on your loading process right where it takes place - on the loader.


Transportation News

Huge technology leaps create efficiencies in transportation.

By the end of 2025, the global market volume of smart transportation is speculated to grow from USD 94.5 billion in 2020 to USD 156.5 billion at a CAGR of 10.6 percent during the speculated period, according to a report of Markets and Markets. 

Connected cars and freight trucks are one way logistics may improve, thanks to further transportation technology development. As the number of IoT sensors in CCTV cameras along highways grow, data can be collected to help solve traffic and congestion problems along major thoroughfares and delivery routes.

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