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S1100 Scales

Onboard scales for tractors, forklifts & skidsteers.

S1100 scale

The S1100 is onboard scale provides an accurate in-cab payload measurement for compact machines. Weighing with the S1100 helps the operator to accurately weigh every lift, prevent overloading and manage stock. So you can improve safety and profitability through increased efficiency and accuracy.


Weigh across multiple attachments
such as bucket, forks, hay squeezer, and more.

System Components


Indicator - Mounted in the cab to clearly display lifted weight


Transducer - Connected to the hydraulic system to measure pressure


Reliable Accuracy

Get consistent and reliable weighing first time, every time. The S1100 calculates weights by measuring changes in hydraulic pressure within +/- 2%.


Simple Interface

The simple to use four-button interface ensures that all operators are able to weigh accurately, regardless of experience. The compact design of the S1100 requires minimal space in the cab, ideal for smaller machines.


Flexible Applications

Weigh across multiple attachments, use up to nine individual attachments (bucket, forks, hay squeezer, soft hands and more).


Durable & Rugged

The S1100 is designed for reliable use, and is suitable for use in open cabs or exposed, wet or dusty environments (IP67 rating)

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