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Loadrite InsightHQ

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Grow with the power of Loadrite InsightHQ.

Loadrite InsightHQ centralizes operational productivity data onto easily interpretable dashboards, enabling the monitoring of alerts and review of shift playbacks. It consolidates all critical operational information in a single location, facilitating real-time tracking of progress towards goals and enabling proactive decision-making.

Without such systems, production data for aggregates can be delayed, inaccurate, or necessitate tedious manual collection. This poses challenges for quarry, fleet, and plant managers who need timely and reliable information to make decisions that impact production positively during their shifts.

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Comprehensive insights
right in the palm of your hand.

InsightHQ Functionality

Comprehensive Dashboards

Real-time visibility of all your production metrics (load/haul, processing and products) from your excavators, haul trucks, ADTs, conveyors, and loaders

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Proactive customizable alerts keep you informed of lost productivity opportunities. By raising awareness that your operation has drifted outside your plan, corrective actions are easy and timely.

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InsightHQ iPhone

Clear Reporting

InsightHQ provides a summary or transaction-level historical data. Customizing your reports using the report builder allows you to focus on what’s important to your business.

Action Replay

Using production data (payload, cycle times and speed) overlaid with location, an animated replay provides an objective view for alternative haul plans, incident safety reviews and operator training.

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Loadrite InsightHQ delivers
everything you need to know to grow.

How it all works.

InsightHQ draws data from Loadrite loader, excavator, haul truck and conveyor belt scale sensors into centralized cloud storage. Only InsightHQ offers a built-in Scheduler to provide the "what, where and when" of your unique workflow.

Data Types:

Production - Tons, TPH, production targets

Product type - Including unprocessed material: shot rock, run-of-mine and surge pile material

Locations - Machine location and destination, load and dump locations

Time and events - Cycle times, downtime events, uptime


Machine types - Wheel loader, excavator, rigid body haul truck, ADT, LHD, excavator, conveyor belt, mobile crushers, mobile screens and more

Schedule - Shift and machine assignments

Missed targets - Understand when and where production falls short of targets, with the ability to quickly isolate the source of the problem


Monitor productivity - Don’t wait for daily production reports, view your production progress on dashboards during the shift


Inconsistent ROM feed - Highlight under and overloading that creates inconsistent haul events. Cycle time analysis identifies truck cycle counts, tons and delays that potentially lead to starving the crusher


Incorrect dumping - Haul truck location tracking highlights potentially incorrect dumps to a surge pile that may reduce plant production


Speeding and incident analysis - Identify speeding violations to maintain a culture of safety and replaying near-miss events with reliable visualization replays


Testing plant modes - Scheduler builds modes to target specific product mixes and compare performance and test scenarios


Processing inefficiency - Monitor recirculation rates and production of waste to track the performance of the plant as well as tracking product added to or removed from each stockpile


Plant downtime analysis - It’s easy to identify inefficiencies, solve and monitor the improvement, and unintended impacts


Poor blast fragmentation - Monitor blast yield and oversize material hauled for feedback to your blast contractor to improve


Production management - Compare production in each stage of your operation (pit to plant, plant to stockpiles, loadout) to compare with orders


Incorrect invoicing - InsightHQ produces summary and detailed reports. These support your customer billing, to reduce error and ensure you are paid for what you sell


Loadrite uses a solid foundation of industry-leading Loadrite scale sensors and hardware, built on a legacy of best-in-class payload measurement. Now InsightHQ uses these sensors to create insights for a digital transformation of your operation.

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