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L3000 Loader Scale

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What good is a stockpile if you run out of stock?

​​Managing stock levels can be difficult during the year, making us feel like we need a crystal ball at times. With the new L3000 from Loadrite, you can insure that even in tough times, you can maximize your reserves with more accurate data at every step of the weigh!


Maximize every step of your weigh.

Salt Stock Levels

Storms can be chaotic. Salt sheds are spread around a city or county to meet local needs, making it challenging for controllers to manage stock levels. Running out in one area can cause road chaos. Recording salt usage provides a running stock total, with municipalities reporting as often as every 6-12 hours. However, new methods like SR Measure can directly track stock levels, increasing competition if this is the only customer requirement.

  • Contract reporting: Recording material loaded on each truck and their routes establishes an audit trail to confirm contract conditions are met, whether for municipalities or truck operators.

  • Inter-entity billing: A local county contracting to supply salt to a state highway or turnpike needs a mechanism to base billing on.

Usage Tracking


Safe Loading

Trucks come in various shapes and sizes. Some are dedicated, while others have spreaders fitted or second trays strapped on. Overfilling can make trucks unsafe and increase maintenance. Recording truck identity during loading ensures an audit trail to prove trucks were not overloaded in case of incidents.

Environmental Reporting

Environmental compliance reporting often requires measuring salt applied in each catchment area to assess its impact on waterways. Scales provide weights per truck, which can be combined with the routes driven while spreading.

Forest Road

Contractor Management

This future enhancement involves integrating with AVL systems to confirm contractors fulfilled their contracts. It can also provide details like 'lane miles' or exact spreading locations for funding reporting and environmental compliance.


Eliminate guessing for good!

Solution Requirements

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Stock Management

Scale and data management should differentiate between material loaded onto trucks and material returned to stockpiles, either automatically or manually. Automation requires location awareness and dig/dump detection, allowing for automated material type recognition or manual selection. The data system needs 'live' totals per salt shed.

Screenshot 2024-07-02 at 1.06.04 PM.png

Truck Tracking

This is the most differentiated from current offerings. Manually selected or Automatic truck recognition provides the opportunity for a significant increase in data robustness, and in turn end user value. Data system will provide per transaction reporting.

Screenshot 2024-07-02 at 1.43.52 PM.png


Connectivity is important for this application. Two styles are required to get to an Internet connection:

  • Cellular

  • Local

Existing Loadrite components can be used. 

Data System Requirements

For Levels 1&2

  • Named ‘Events’ with a Start Time/Date and an End Time/Date for a Region

  • Automatic transfer of loaders between locations (salt sheds)

  • The event will have a single material type (or a very small number) that we will be used throughout the event per location (salt shed).

  • A small range of reports from specific summaries to full detailed. All with ability to export in PDF and CSV. Select by location, event (named date range).

  • Live dashboard / map showing stock levels of selected locations during an event.

    • Advanced feature – prediction of stock out within selected time highlighted.

  • Data Interfaces. Perhaps the most important element is recognizing that a Loadrite system cannot provide all the data presentations required. Nor will it have access to all the external data. As such, the ability to extract data simply, securely and robustly from the system into the tools chosen by the end user, is perhaps the most valuable part of the system.

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