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Bigger screen.
Better experience!

"Accuracy is good, screen is very clear, better than all the other Loadrite's! "

Mark Cheek

Rogers Group, Bullit CountyStone

Shepardsville, KY

L5000 on Deere 844K

Yard Loadout

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Introducing the new L5000 from Loadrite!

Information rules the day whether it's in the cab or beyond. Stay on top of every load using our powerful new L5000 loader scale. With a simple and easy-to-use interface, and best-in-class weighing you can maximize every load with accurate data you can count on.

Feature-Rich Design

Day Mode & Night Mode

G10 Tablet-2.png
G10 Tablet.png
  • 7” High-Resolution Touch Tablet​

  • 40% bigger screen (vs L3180)​

  • More built-in comm functions

  • Modern high-tech platform​​

  • Reimagined, intuitive user interface​

  • Operator-approved ​

  • Internet-ready​

  • Superior weighing performance​

  • All L3180 functionality​


"The best Loadrite product yet"

IHQ-Connection Made Simple​


Just add a SIM card​

Built-in cellular, Wi-Fi, GPS​

Internal antennas​

Save time (1 hour)​

Save money ($760 - $1910)

No cellular router ($400 - $1500) ​

No external antenna ($150 - $200)​

No antenna mounting bracket ($60)​

No more antenna installation ($150, 1 hour)

Demo's Made Simple​

L5000 built-in demo mode​

  • USB-C powered​

  • Smartphone to simulate loads​

  • No special demo kit​

  • No simulator hardware ($300)​

  • No Internet​

  • No on-site Wi-Fi ​

  • No messy cabling​

  • No special power supply​

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L500 Product Demo.png

Check out these informative training videos!


Powerful marketing to support your efforts!

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We're supporting our dealers with

great advertising and in-store

marketing to help promote new

sales and conversations!

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Fun Stickers

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Social Media Carousel Campaigns

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Our Target Customer Profile

Who are they?

  • Remote / Small sites without integrated scale house / weighbridge

  • Construction, off-site deposal

  • Winter operations

What do they need?

  • Track material movement

  • Track inventory

  • Prepare invoices

  • Report consumption

Everything L5000

Quick Specs


The next generation L3180 loader scale is our best yet, providing robust and accurate weighing across a wide range of conditions. 


New multi-axis IMU sensors are more accurate.  Faster installation.   In-field swap-out does not require recalibration.


Built-in GPS enables loading location tracking for monitoring incorrect stockpile or truck loading.


Product and customer lists will always be in sync with optional InsightHQ.   Update the master list in the office and synchronize it with each loader.  Reduce manual update and entry error.


5.7” size screen is twice the display size of previous generation LOADRITE products. 


Choose either intuitive touch screen or durable keypad interaction. 


eDocket sends a copy of the loading information directly to any email address, reducing the need for truck drivers to leave the cab while on site, and get back on the road quicker. 


Built-in Wi-Fi allows faster and cheaper communications networks, syncing data when in range of a Wi-Fi signal or using existing radio communications networks.


Standardized sensors across the machine, simpler connectors and modern universal mounting brackets ensure your machine is installed quickly. 

Download our deep dive presentation!

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Screenshot 2023-09-24 at 4.28.25 PM.png

North American Release Schedule

Product Introduction

September 28 to 29

Ready for Orders | Advertising

October 9

Technical Training & Resources

October 16

Ready to Ship

November 13

Phased Introduction

North America

Europe & ANZ

Middle East & Asia

Introductory Offer!

Free​ 1 -year IHQ ​Subscription ​

for​ the first 100 ​L5000 systems

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