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The Waste
Haulers Summit

We'd love to show you how we can improve your business' bottom line!

In the waste industry, business profitability is driven by minimizing operating expenses and maximizing resource efficiency. Safety and industry compliance are also critical elements. Loadrite can help you ensure that your waste collection and disposal processes are optimized for success.​

Loadrite solutions helps optimize your business. Loadrite garbage truck scales allow you to track the weight of every bin, giving you the data to bring your business to new heights. All of this while maximizing every truckload. Paired with Loadrite reporting software you can track the tons of waste produced by customer, allowing you to accurately estimate the cost per customer.​

Meet our team members...


Tom Schwallie​

Loadrite ​Regional Manager- Americas​

Tom Schwallie is a seasoned construction veteran with over 30 years of experience managing company operations and complex construction projects throughout the United States. His background includes the procurement, implementation, training and utilization of multiple estimating, surveying, cost control, workflow, and data collection hardware and software systems including Loadrite scales and products.​

As regional manager of the Americas, Tom manages a network of more than 25 Loadrite authorized dealerships in North, Central and South America​.

Smarttech USA Logo reverse-02 (002).png

Dan Barry​

 Chief Commercial Officer – SmartTech USA Inc 

 Dan has over 20 years commercial experience working in multinational industrial technology businesses in mining, civil and waste industries. 

SmartTech Australia is a rapidly expanding technology solutions provider for the Aggregates, Construction, and Mining sector. With a strong customer delivery focus, SmartTech offers an end-to-end portfolio that encompasses critical safety measures, project streamlining tools, and seamless delivery with ongoing support. The team at SmartTech collaborates with clients of all types at every project stage, ensuring seamless achievement of the most successful outcomes.


In Australia, Dan has held various senior roles in the tech sector and has successfully scaled multiple businesses. Now, he is at the forefront of SmartTech Australia's expansion into the US market. Set to make the move in 2024, Dan is eager to witness how SmartTech and Loadrite solutions will catalyze the rapid evolution of the waste market in the United States. 

Track and improve your waste operation with accurate information​


The LOADRITE® E2750 weighing system gives you the information to increase efficiency and maximize your profits. Track the weight of each bin so you can provide accurate weights to your customers for environmental reporting and help reduce their carbon footprint by increasing their recycling rate. The E2750 is easy to use and integrates into your onboard computers. Accurate to within +/- 2% margin of error' the system provides essential information to improve the operations of your business.​

Loadrite Insights is a game changer

Real-time truck location means better use of your time.​
Monitor payload for profitability​.

Haulers charging by volume are often losing money. Knowing the weight of each dumpster helps to charge correctly; unprofitable customers are no longer subsidized by more profitable ones. Accurate payload measurement also ensures trucks are loaded to capacity.​

  • Match bin revenue to dumping costs. ​

  • Identify profitability of each customer. ​

  • Eliminate Overload fines.​​

  • Minimize maintenance costs by keeping the weight on the truck under its legally safe capacity.​​

  • Hands-free operation for the driver during dumpster emptying.​​

  • Optimize truck utilization and driving routes with visibility of the current payload to determine when to drive to the landfill or transfer station.​​

  • Provide data to your customers on their waste output.​

Money-saving features!

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