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Actionable insights lead to bigger profits.

We deliver superior measurement systems.

Loadrite has a range of loader scales, excavator scales, conveyor belt scales, payload reporting, tractor scales, forklift scales, refuse truck scales and more.


Industries we serve

Work happens in real time.

Loadrite payload management solutions product range serve a variety of industries

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Grow with the power of InsightHQ.

View operations productivity information on clear dashboards, monitor alerts, and playback the shift. All your operations data is visible in one place so you can track progress against targets and take action.

Aggregates production data is often late, unreliable, or requires a manual process to gather. This makes it difficult for quarry managers, fleet managers, and plant managers to make informed decisions during the shift that positively influence production.

Our greatest success is our customers' success.

We're proud of all our customers because delivering powerful measurement systems is just the first steps towards our corporate goals. What good are these incredible pieces of equipment if we don't help our customers make the most out of them to grow their businesses? It's what we do.

“It took a day or so to install and calibrate the SmartScale on the Doosan loader and we were ready to go. Our lead loader operator loves the system. It’s given him greater confidence that he’s loading trucks with accuracy and speed — regardless of truck bed size or material.”

Cole Bland

Central Texas Stone & Aggregate​

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We're big on helpful information...

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Dealer Locator

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