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L2180 Loader Scales

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Loadrite L2180 scales
Payload Measurement for Wheel Loaders.

Regardless of the application, the challenge for site and fleet managers is the same: achieve maximum value from existing equipment by utilizing it in the most efficient manner. The key to making effective decisions is having the right information available. The Loadrite L2180 scales are more than just an onboard scale. It provides an easy way to capture information on your loading process right where it takes place - on the loader.


Optimize your loadout and
prevent overloading in one step.


System Components

  1. LC985 Pressure transducers

  2. Trigger

  3. Indicator

  4. Slope Compensation Kit

  5. Remote Button (2)

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Connecting your scale to InsighthQ brings all your container information into one easy-to- use reporting platform. Transaction records and reports can be accessed from your desktop or smart device anywhere, anytime.


LP950 / LP930

In-Cab Printer

Get a hard copy record and customer receipt printed directly from the loader.


Superior Technology

Loadrite sensors continuously monitor boom position over the entire lift allowing multiple measurement points. Multi-point weighing allows variations in weights calculated to be averaged out or even discarded if outside tolerance levels.


Simple Interface

The Loadrite screen display is uncluttered and only relays pertinent information to the operator when required. This enables the operator to concentrate on what they do best without unnecessary distraction: loading trucks.


World's Most Popular Scale

Since its release in 2009, the L2180 has become the world’s most popular on-board weighing system.


Active Tipoff

Helps the loader operator to adjust the last bucket load at any height. This is possible due to the Loadrite position sensor which allows the scales to compensate for boom position.


Legal for Trade certification saves money and facilitates easy invoicing by effectively transforming the loader into a mobile weighbridge, especially valuable for mobile or remote sites. It can also enable trucks to bypass the weighbridge for lower-cost operations and faster truck turnaround. Available in the EU, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Gain some valuable Insights
Our Insight platform has it all, right in your hand.

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